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Unlock 213 Additional Premium Voices & Enable Awesome New PRO Features

Unlock 213 Additional Premium Voices & Enable Awesome New PRO Features

Early Adopters Limited Time Special


Congratulations, by joining the Speechdio family you’ve made an amazing decision.

In just a few minutes, you will get access to a powerful software that will transform your texts into incredible lifelike voices.

What if I told you that I could help you to take Speechdio even one step further?

Speechdio Is Everything We Said It Is & More, But We Can Help You To Take It
Even One Step Further

Speechdio Is Everything We Said It Is & More, But We Can Help You To Take It Even One Step Further

Speechdio is everything we said it is and more, which already puts you way ahead of your competition.

The standard version of Speechdio, in which you invested, is a very powerful tool, and in 3 simple-to-follow steps you’re going to be able to create stunning voice-overs in seconds.

SPD technology powered human-like speech will keep your viewers glued to the screen, so you can get more views, more traffic, and more sales.

But for those who want to achieve even more outstanding results we have an extraordinary PRO upgrade.

Unlock 213 Additional Premium Voices
& Enable New Features

With an optional PRO upgrade, you can unlock 213 additional premium voices, enable dialogue feature that allows the use of multiple voices in the same audio, make 4 times longer voice overs, get access to additional 400 built-in, fully harmonized background music tracks, and if all that was not enough, we also add the option to import text from a web URL and transform it into voice.

PRO version is bringing the total number of voices to a mind-blowing 314 total. With so many voices you can always find a unique voice for any voice over you need.

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Sounding Voices You Get Access To

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Access To All New Voices Added
To Speechdio PRO In The Future

Plus, and this is beyond awesome, you get access to all new voices added to Speechdio PRO in the future.

It means that your voice collection can grow over time, so you can always be one step ahead of your competitions with the freshest voices ever.

If you sell or want to sell voice over services to your clients, this could be your foot-in-the door to win their business.

By unlocking the dialogue feature, the PRO upgrade opens up an entirely new level of engagement and viewers retention.

Dialogue Voice Overs

Dialogue feature allows the use of multiple voices in the same voice over.

Using two or more voices is proven to significantly reduce viewers and listeners drop off rates.

It is the best way to keep people watching and listening from start to finish.

The more people finish watching or listening, the more people can take action you want them to take.

Dialogue Unlocks More Views,
Likes, Shares, Sales & Commissions

No matter whether you want more views, likes and shares on youtube or on facebook, or more sales and commissions, the boost in viewer retention rates is your best way to achieve your goal.

On top of that, video viewing completion rates is a big ranking factor on youtube, which can help you get your videos to the top and have them recommended more often.

Top rankings not only give you more traffic, but also a very real chance for your videos to go viral.

Dialogue features also open a wide range of voice overs, which your competition simply cannot deliver to clients, but you would be able to when you upgrade to PRO.

4 Times Longer Voice Overs

PRO upgrade also unlocks 4 times longer voice overs with up to 3,200 words per each.

While the 800 words limit in the standard version is enough for most short videos, the 4 times larger limit unlocks your ability to not only produce longer voice overs for yourself, but also deliver a larger scope of voice over services to your clients.

400 Background Music Tracks

There is one more super important factor for voice over success, not many people are talking about: a background music track.

Without a music track playing in the background voice over feels dry and unappealing.

Music is setting the mood for your videos to help you keep viewers hooked and constantly re-engaged throughout.

However, the issue is that background music tracks are expensive and you need many music tracks in your library to fit a variety of messages you want to convey.

SPD Technology Perfectly Harmonizes Music Tracks To The Voice Over.

Consequently, accumulating enough background music tracks can get pretty costly fast.

The harmonization of the voice over and background music track is another crucial aspect, as the music must boost the message instead of distracting the viewer from it.

Your Speechdio Standard already includes SPD technology, which perfectly harmonizes any music track to the voice over.

Save Tons Of Money

Speechdio PRO upgrade gives you over 400 more harmonization-ready background music tracks accessible directly from your Speechdio PRO dashboard.

We have paid thousands of dollars to acquire rights to all those music tracks so you do not have to pay any royalty fee for using them.

If you paid only $10 per one music background track, which would be on the low end of what a track license really costs, it would cost you $4,000 to have 400 tracks like these you have included in PRO upgrade.

Access To All New Music Tracks Added To Speechdio PRO In The Future

From cheerful to uplifting to high energy to cinematic.

You get a great variety of the music tracks to perfectly fit every type of video or presentation you want to make.

On top of that you get access to all new background music tracks added to Speedio PRO in the future.

Transform Text From Any Webpage To Voice Over By Just Entering A Link

And if all that was not enough, PRO upgrade also gives the ability to import text from a web URL and transform it to voice.

This incredible feature allows you to start a successful podcast as soon as today just by using your blog post or a content page link and transforming the text on the page into a voice over.

With so many automatic content creation apps on the market, you can easily repurpose all that content with Speedchio PRO to get even more traffic to your website, blog, and offers.

Quick Recap Of Everything You Will Get
In The PRO Upgrade

Let’s do a quick recap of everything you will get when you upgrade to Speechdio PRO today.

  • You get access to 213 additional premium voices bringing the total number of voices to a mind blowing 314 voices.
  • Plus you also get access to all the new voices added to Speechdio PRO in the future.
  • The PRO upgrade unlocks dialogue feature, which allows the use of multiple voices in the same voice over.
  • You will also be able to make four times longer voice overs than you can do with the standard version.
  • 400 more built-in, fully harmonized background music tracks will be automatically added to your Speechdio dashboard.
  • And last but not least, you unlock the incredible ability to import text from a web URL and transform it to voice.

Extraordinary Chance To Get PRO Upgrade For A Limited Time Discounted Price.

Also because you are a new Speechdio early adopter member, we are going to offer you an extraordinary chance to get a PRO upgrade for a limited time discounted price.

Generating your voice overs on enterprise level cloud servers infrastructure does require significant computing power resources, and this is why we need to raise Speechdio PRO price significantly after the early adopters special ends.

In fact, I would not be surprised that the price doubles when you see this page again later.

But today you still have access to the early adopter pricing plus you are covered by our money back guarantee so you have no risk, but literally everything to gain.

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Speechdio PRO

With Speechdio PRO You Get:

  • 213 Additional Premium Voices
  • Dialogue Voice Overs
  • 4 Times Longer Voice Overs
  • 400 Background Music Tracks
  • Make Voice Over From Webpage

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